Dog Succulent planter

Dog Succulent planter

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Animalplanters - Turn Your Flower Pots Into Cute Animals

You can have it in 28 different colors, because love is a rainbow :-).

♥ Animalplanters and friends:

I present you "Spotty, the Puppy Planter", a little something to grow your love :-) For the dog lover in your heart, for the green thumbs or not so green or just to add a sweetie on your desktop!

A little sweet puppy dog, a new friend in the cute animal planter family.

SMALL - 7cm diameter/4,5cm high (approx) host a 2" plastic pot inside (not included)

offwhite #1 + beige #7
(don't forget to leave me a note with the color you choose. The base is white, you can personalize the second color :-))

In the last picture you see the nice box you will receive with your Animalplanter.

Plant is not included :-)

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Materials: wool