Planters size
The planters (animal planters, pod planters, hanging planters) are small (and really cute), intended for little succulents contained in a 2" (5cm) little plastic pot.

The size is clearly indicated in each listing.

If you need more information feel free to write to me for more details.

Care instructions
The planters don't have a hole and are not lined. 

Felt is waterproof to a certain extent. It means that if some water occasionally spills the felt doesn't absorb it, but it is better to remove and dry the felt because it is biodegradable and can be attacked by mold.

I use my planters along with the little plastic pot that comes from the nursery. During the hot season I take the pot out and give a good splash to mu plants, then I replace them after few minutes.

Felt planters are best paired with low maintenance plants like cactus and succulents.

About the OCTOPUS
The octopus is for AIR PLANTS only.

TILLANDSIA is a tropical plant that doesn't need soil to grow as it absorbs nutrients from the leaves. 

Holding air plant upside down is healthy for the plant because it fears humidity at the base after watering.

The plant I use in particular is a Tillandsia Caput medusae that is one of my preferred. 

When the air is too dry you can spray the leaves and sometimes take it out and give a plain splash for a quarter of hour or so and then place back in the octopus head :-)

The plant is secured to the felt pod by a thread that I leave inside.

Simply wrap around the plant like a sort of sling and that is sufficient to hold the plant securely inside.


I'm a succulent lover and I buy my plants directly from the nursery or online.

There are a lot of sellers online and also at local sellers.

Air plants
I got my air plant in Europe (usually from Till Herba Caeli from Berlin) 

If you are in the USA you can find them online or locally (they are trendy!)

If you need more information feel free to write to me for more details :-)

Wholesale availability
I welcome wholesale request. Just send me a message to discuss your needs.

Wholesale orders are final.

Return and refunding on wholesale orders will be ONLY for products defects or damage during shipping.